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Data Governance


Data Ownership


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Shift Data Left


Connect data producers to data consumers at the source
Communicate data expectations through data contracts
Prevent data changes upstream before they impact consumers

"Gable breaks down the walls between developers and data teams fostering collaboration and strong data products. I'm extremely excited to see where the team goes from here."

Joe Reis
Best Selling Author of Fundamentals of Data Engineering
Change Management

Integration Testing for Data Teams

Prevent breaking changes programmatically and alert consumers when contract updates will impact them. Manage contract versions and evolution simply and easily. 

"Wrong data, wrong decisions. Why? Because the product engineer had no idea that this was relevant downstream."

Data Contracts

Generate Data Contracts in Minutes

Gable automatically generates contract templates, manages contract versioning, and enforces contracts using variety of alerting thresholds. Collaborate with data engineers, data scientists, and software engineers to create and modify contracts over time.

"Data contracts foster a culture of data ownership that ensures high quality data from the start."


Prevent outages from across your data stack

Gable allows data teams to implement contracts for all your data sources. Get coverage on the data that’s most essential to your business.

Transactional Databases such as Postgres, MySQL and Oracle
Serialization Frameworks such as Protobuf and Avro
Analytics Events such as Segment and Amplitude
Language Native Events such as C#, and Microsoft .Net
Microsoft .Net

"Gable has built a solution to make data a team sport. Teams can easily define data contracts which makes all other downstream use cases more robust without having to worry about data quality issues and things breaking upstream."

Patrick Thompson
Director of Product at Amplitude, Cofounder & CEO at Iteratively

Getting started with Gable

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